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One Way Disc Plough 1lyqt-325

  • One way disc plough 1LYQT-325
  • Agriculture
  • Tractor
  • Plough
  • SGS
  • 84321000
  • Disc Plough
  • Dry Cultivating Machinery
  • Soil Preparation Machinery, Movable Operation
  • Pengcheng Lishi
  • Xuzhou, Jiang Su, Chian
Product description
The one-way disc plough is suitable for ploughing up the cultivated land as well as virgineland, especially for the green manure fields with stubls of rice or wheat. with the good performance of tillaging into the soil, it can satisfy the agricultural request. Moreover, the plough has the merits of less working resistance and easy to operate and adjust, etc.
Technical parameter
Item  Unit 1LYQT-325
 Max. working width m 0.75-0.9
 Max. working dipth cm 25
 No. of disc
Dia. of disc mm 650
No. of scraper
 Weight kg 480
Type II three point mounted
Matched power HP

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One Way Disc Plough 1lyqt-325

One Way Disc Plough 1lyqt-325
One Way Disc Plough 1lyqt-325

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