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Agricultural Machinery Hydraulic Offset Disc Harrow (1BJX-2.2)

  • 1BJX-2.2
  • Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture
  • Tractor
  • Hanging
  • Blue
  • Pengcheng Lishi
  • SGS
  • 84322100
  • Disc Harrow
  • Dry Cultivating Machinery
  • Soil Preparation Machinery, Movable Operation
  • SGS
  • 1bjx-2.0/2.2/2.5
  • Nude Packig in Standard 40 Feet Hq Container
  • Xuzhou
Agricultural Machinery Hydraulic Offset Disc Harrow (1BJX-2.2)Model:1BJ-2.2  1bjx-2.2medium Mouted Harrow
It is applicable for earth breaking after cultivation,stubble cleaning before dultivation and "cultivation instead of harrowing"of meduim and light soils in dry farmlands.This machine is featured by simple and solid structure,parctical performance ,convenient maintenance and good earth breaking performance and penetrability.After cultivation,the earth surface is smooth,which can meet the agricultural technical requirements for intensive cultivation.Iisseries product,with high degree of "industrialization,ubranization and modernization"and numerous interchangeable parts,convenien for the users to repair and replace.
Technical parameters
Item       Unit  
Mode                1BJX-2.2
Disc No.    Pieces                   20
Working Wideth      mm                 2200
 Disc diameter      mm                  560
 Weight       kg                  680
 Hooking pattern                 Hanging
 Matching power       kw                55-65

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